Art School
Open House
Claire Mott White

In Celebration of the Legacy of
Claire Mott White

This was a wonderful event!
Checkout the photos here!
Claire M. White Studio WingBishop Gallery – Claire White

Art School Endowment
Summer Camp

The FIA Art School was founded in 1928. Since then, it has become the 11th largest Museum Art School in the United States. The School runs year round from 9:00a until 9:00p, and provides hands on experiences for people of all ages in disciplines including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and much more. Thousands of people utilize the school and receive one-on-one support from professional instructors.

The Art School Endowment Fund provides an annual distribution to assist operations of the studio program. These funds pay for equipment, maintenance, utilities, Bishop Gallery exhibitions, security and administration. In the past nine years the Art School has grown from three to nine studios. Just last year, the Art School expanded its welding lab, glaze lab, and kiln room. With this tremendous growth, the Endowment must grow as well.

Spurred by contributions to the Art School Endowment Fund in memory of Claire Mott White, a life long participant in the studio program, the FIA also wishes to encourage the community to support this endeavor.

Your support will allow the Art School to continue its leading role as the creative pulse of the Flint Community. Your contribution is the perfect way to ensure that future generations enjoy the Flint Institute of Arts just as you have.

For information on the variety of ways you can direct your support, please contact Kathryn Sharbaugh at 810.234.1695 or by .


The FIA Art School is a community school where people of all ages and abilities take part in a wide variety of activities. All are welcome, whether beginners or experienced artists.

We're sure that you will find a class or two to sharpen your skills, introduce you to something new, expand your understanding of the visual arts, or give you an opportunity to try your hand at making art. The Art School is here to serve you and we look forward to seeing you in class!
Pre-College Portfolio Development Program
The Pre-College Portfolio Development Program is designed to strengthen the foundation skills of gifted high school art students and strengthen their portfolio for college entrance. Emphasis is placed on drawing, color theory, three-dimensional design concepts, and careers in the arts. Please contact the Art School office to request an application packet at 810.237.7315 or email Freshmen receive priority enrollment.
Youth Membership Activity
Foil Repoussé Sketchbook
Foil Repoussé Sketchbook

September 27 • 1:00p–3:00p
Studio 1

Sketchbooks are a very important tool for artists. Sketchbooks can store ideas, record detailed observations, and create in depth studies in a variety of media. This fall, youth members can start the new school year with a personalized sketchbook in a size perfect for backpacks and on-the-go art making.

Free to Youth Members ages 5–12 or $20 fee at door to join membership. To rsvp or become a youth member and participate, please call 810.237.7315.

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