Art School
Welcome! The FIA Art School is a community school where people of all ages and abilities take part in a wide variety of activities. All are welcome, whether beginners or experienced artists.

We're sure that you will find a class or two to sharpen your skills, introduce you to something new, expand your understanding of the visual arts, or give you an opportunity to try your hand at making art. The Art School is here to serve you and we look forward to seeing you in class!
Pre-College Portfolio Development Program
The Pre-College Portfolio Development Program is designed to strengthen the foundation skills of gifted high school art students and strengthen their portfolio for college entrance. Emphasis is placed on drawing, color theory, three-dimensional design concepts, and careers in the arts. Please contact the Art School office to request an application packet at 810.237.7315 or email Freshmen receive priority enrollment.

Art School Expansion & Renovation
The FIA Art School completed its expansion and renovation project on budget and on schedule for the Fall 2013 session. Students, faculty, and staff are all
thrilled with enhance-ments to the welding studio, glaze lab, and kiln room. Previously, the FIA fired a 20 year-old kiln a couple of times a week at peak times during sessions. Though the front-loading gas kiln served its purpose for many years, it had become inefficient resulting in uneven firings. The new 54-cubic-feet natural gas downdraft shuttle kiln has delivered not only superior, but consistent results since its first firing in September.

A few advantages of the new kiln include time/energy savings and ease of operation. It is estimated that fuel consumption will be cut by one-third, while increasing firing capacity. This is significant when considering the FIA ceramics students produce nearly 40,000 objects each year. The "shuttle" refers to a cart consisting of the kiln's floor and door that slides in and out of the kiln on a track. The cart can allow two or more people to stack and unload artwork, which could save numerous hours of stacking and unloading annually. In addition, the cart is safer for the spine, in comparison to front-loading kilns. The kiln may be operated manually or can be fully programmable.

The expansion and renovation also included the former glaze material storage area and welding studio, creating approximately 1,400 square feet of new studio space. Additional metal shop equipment, such as, a stretcher, shrinker, English wheel, and pneumatic tools offer students a wide array of metal working techniques. The new glaze lab and welding studio offer students and staff the proper equipment to suit their needs in a safer atmosphere.
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