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Video Art
As the Flint Institute of Arts strives to show art not only by the masters but also by today's great artists, we feature a video artwork by a contemporary artist every month in the Fleckenstein Video Gallery. The video gallery is always free to the public and is one of the continually rotating exhibition spaces in the museum. Video as a medium comes in a variety of forms from converted film to digital technology even including smartphones and GoPros.

In The Art of Video Games exhibition this medium is explored in a different way. While often overlooked, the artistic elements and collaborations found in video games are exceptional. Video games highlight carefully drafted characters with thoughtful back-stories set to beautifully composed music. Unlike any other art form, video games allow the viewer/player to be fully immersed into an alternate reality and make decisions that effect the outcome of the game and what the viewers sees and experiences.

In addition to exhibitions, the FIA recently acquired Thinking Hurts Too Much by Cameron Gray. As part of the permanent collection this work will on display starting in October for at least six months. Be sure to stop by and view this psychedelic video that is a barrage of Pop Culture references, flashing images, jerky gifs, and swirling sounds.
Fleckenstein Video Gallery
Private Viewing: The Art of Marthe Orant
8.9.14 – 9.21.14
Hodge Galleries
Private Viewing: The Art of Marthe Orant
Indelibly Yours: Smith Andersen Editions and the Tattoo Project
8.9.14 – 10.15.14
Graphic Arts Gallery
indelibly yours
The Way Things Go
Fleckenstein Video Gallery
The Way Things Go
Cutting it Close: The Art of Carving
7.26.14 – 2.22.15
Decorative Arts Gallery
Cutting it Close: The Art of Carving
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