Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Activity
Freedom Frame
January 19 • 4:00p–6:00p
Art School Studios

Capture a peaceful moment in time and display it with a freedom frame inspired by Martin Luther King Jr's powerful message of peace, love, and tolerance. Designed for kids 5–12.

In Isabel Hall, enjoy a performance by Gamma Delta Kudos and the Kappa Leadership League with live music by Mama Sol and Tha N.U.T.S. Light refreshments provided.
Free to the public.
Freedom Frame
Youth Membership Activity
Calder's Big Fish
February 21 • 1:00p–3:00p

Art School Studios

A wizard with wire, Alexander Calder created mobiles, portraits, jewelry, and even toys. Throughout his life, Calder was inspired by and used the solar system and nature as recurring themes in his artwork. His signature use of primary colors and balanced simple shapes in motion make his mobiles highly recognizable feats of engineering. Calder's fish mobiles glide and sparkle in space catching light and casting shadows. Using wire and found objects, Youth Members will draw, design and create a big fish of their own.

Free to Youth Members or become a Youth Member for $20 (includes three events per year).
Calder's Big Fish
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