Scout Programs
Group size: Up to 30 students
Length: 90-120 minutes
Fee: $4 per student

Museum educators will work with troop leaders to design customized programs that fit the interests and needs of the troop. Each visit lasts an hour and a half to 2 hours and combines gallery exploration with an art-making activity.

Ceramics Studio | Painting Studio | Line/Shape/Color
Ceramics Studio | Painting Studio | Line/Shape/Color
Ceramics Studio | Get Some Perspective | Sequential Art
Ceramics Studio | Painting the Real World | Brushless Painting
Ceramics Studio | Fantastic Creatures | Jewelry
Ceramics Studio | Sequential Art | Handmade Books
Ceramics Studio
Visit the FIA galleries to learn about clay objects in the FIA collection. Then go to the studio and create a clay piece using handbuilding techniques. Program content will be adjusted to suit your needs. NOTE: Finished ceramic work will be ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks.
Brushless Painting
Visit the galleries and find out how artists make paintings without brushes. In the studio, create your own painting using a variety of objects and gadgets.
Fantastic Creatures
Explore the galleries and find dragons, phoenix, and guardian figures. In the studio, draw your own fantastic creature using shading techniques or paint your fantastic creature using watercolor.
Get Some Perspective
Create, decorate, and use your own viewfinder as you explore artwork in the galleries. Discover how things look different up close and far way and create a close-up drawing in the studio.
Handmade Books
Visit the galleries for inspiration. Then go to the studio to design a book cover and make a book.
Line, Shape, Color
Look at artwork in the Asian gallery and make a drawing of your favorite object by breaking it down into simple shapes. In the studio, use the elements of design to turn your drawing into a finished artwork.
Painting Studio
Search for paintings in the galleries and then create your own painting in the studio. Options include portraits (proportions of the face) and landscapes (showing distance and depth).
Painting the Real World
Search for landscapes in the gallery, learn how color suggests mood, and create your own landscape painting in the studio.
Sequential Art
Comics are sometimes described as "sequential art," though some are only one panel. Visit the galleries and discover how to break an object into simple shapes to make it easier to draw. Then create your own sequential art panel in the studio.
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